All it takes: A London adventure to change a life #1

Sometimes life gets crappy. You don’t know when it happens and you don’t know how it happens. But you just wake up one day and life isn’t what it used to be. Now, I am not talking about super dramatic crappy life, like several people go through. I am talking about just plain crappy life, there is something in your heart that makes your life seem not okay. You can’t put your finger on it and because you don’t know what it is, you can’t fix it. You still try to fix it but in all reality nothing really helps. 

I don’t know what happened to my life or how it happened. But I woke up one day and just knew I wasn’t as happy as I was showing the world. Is that hard to admit? Yeah it is. I wasn’t “the world is an awful place and I hate everything” unhappy. I just was not happy. Something was missing from my life and I wasn’t fully sure if I would ever know what it was. Truth be told, I felt trapped in everything I was doing and I couldn’t get out. It was like I was drowning and there was no one to save me. I was surrounded by people but felt so alone. I wanted to leave everything behind and I just wanted to hide. I don’t know how long I lived like this, just faking being happy but it was a long time. I think it became all I knew. But this isn’t a story about how unhappy I was. This is a story is how I came out of the dark and into the light. This is a story about how one city changed everything. This is a story about how I changed and how I caught a glimpse of a life that I was meant to live. My journey is an interesting one with many different experiences and stories. I want to share some of it with you because life should be lived happily and if someone isn’t happy they need to look inside themselves to figure out what it is. My life changed for the better and almost like I never lived before. 





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We Can’t Stop POP HIIT 1

Can’t Hold Us POP HIIT 2


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I Knew You Were Trouble POP HIIT 8

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Not that I am obsessed with this picture or anything

Not that I am obsessed with this picture or anything


Anderson Cooper & Grumpy Cat on Anderson Live

I don’t even think my heart can handel all the cuteness that is this GIF! 

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Adventures and fun stories in the making…

This weekend was a fun one! Friday was a very productive day, but also boring so I will skip to Saturday. Saturday I got up early to go shopping for American food. I met a friend and she took me to this cute little town area that is about a 20 min train ride from Central London. It was such a cute place. I didn’t take pictures, not sure why. I will just have to go back and take some. At the store I bought Kraft Mac and Cheese (and I have to say that it didn’t taste as good as I remember). I then went and got together with another friend and we had yummy food and great cupcakes. Then we met up with another friend and the three of us had Chipotle! YUM!! Then I went on a Ghost Bus Tour of London. Which ended up being more funny then scary. But we did learn some interesting facts about London. 

Sunday was church at London City Life Church. I was welcoming and on kids church. So I was a busy gal on Sunday. Normally I am with people from church all day Sunday, which is always fun. This Sunday however, I wasn’t feeling well after the service so I went back to my flat. I got to skype my parents which is always nice then I got some rest. 

This week is reading week (which is basically no school) but I have essays to prep for. But don’t worry I have some more adventures planned for this week to! 

Peace and Joy,
Brell Elyse

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